I’m glad you made it here. I’m glad you came to check in.

It’s been an amazing journey when you look back on it, hey?

…all the mistakes learning how to record at home, plugging a power signal into my dad’s computer and blowing up his sound card, eventually figuring it out and recording some weird sounds, getting called by a local band to join up and go on tour because of those sounds, coming back and realizing my path was somewhere else, growing spiritually then losing it to falsehoods that were presented to me, then starting to find my way back and rediscovering so much about myself… even putting my talents to help start, build, and grow communities, experiencing the positives and negatives associated with doing things such as this only to learn that I need not seek the approval of my peers or anyone, and how greed was motivating and impacting many people around me… writing run-on sentences just to piss people off who can’t handle pushing through them haha…

It’s been amazing, and it isn’t over, but it is changing…

I have realized that the pressures around me, imposed by people with terrible energy, were causing me to put myself in a box which not only forced me to fit myself into their world view, which is the reality they create for themselves, but had prevented me from growing in many ways that I should have been growing while I was in that box.

Healing starts off small… I noticed that certain social media sites were limiting my account: my growth; my propagation. These sites were saying what I could and could not do. Even further to this I noticed that many people who do nothing; they do not work on themselves mentally, physically, or spiritually; not on their careers and not on the love and energy of their families, not even positively on their communities, were using these tools to function alongside many good and positive people. They were using these tools which we are all “supposed to” use to monitor, damage, and control those around them. Everyone has their reasons for their own bad-behaviour, but I believe these people have so little control over themselves and their own actions that they claw at those around them to try and have some semblance of power.

The only control these people have is that which we allow them to have.

Why were we using social media so intensely over the last decade? Do you ever ask yourself this? I grew up in a world where social media did not exist. Why do we continue to use these platforms when we witness these organizations taking our posts down or limiting our growth? I get it: we use them to connect and grow, but when does the rot outpace the growth? They may be censoring us, but it is not only them… it is us. We censor ourselves. We desire that these platforms will keep us around long enough that many of us “go to jail” and come back after they serve their censorship-sentence only to go through the same censorship again. How have I seen people react to this? They try to evade their policies, or they try to band together, but they get removed because those that control these platforms exercise their power over people using that platform. Where does that power truly lay though?

I’m asking the reader, if you have experienced this, why do we go back? To remain connected, right? Get the word about your business out. Learn about fun new music or trends. A lot of people say they use Facebook to communicate with those people who don’t call them, or return their emails, or use another platform. At what point do you say, “if you don’t make the effort to talk to me, why would I do the same for you?” These are all control structures that are implemented to retain power over you.

Want to know a truth I discovered inside myself about this? The power to end this behaviour is inside myself. When I choose to stop using this system, it holds no more power over me.

When I made this realization I stopped using my facebook. I actually stopped shortly before my wedding just so I could inform some folks about the event. I wasn’t even using it to promote my business or anything really. 4 months later I logged in to attempt using facebook ads to promote my music on streaming, which did work to great extend, but what was I doing really? I was feeding into a system I loathed deeply. A month after that realization I figured out that even continuing to keep my account was ridiculous… it had a grasp on me. I could always log in if I needed to, but for what? And why? The very principles that the platform stands for, and the behaviour that is encouraged with the remaining user base is… abhorrent to say the very least. I don’t need those old photos. I don’t need my “facebook memories” because my brain functions just fine. I don’t need to be accessible to people. Nobody does. Not to people they don’t hold proper empathy for.

Encouraging the destructive and fearful nature of people is very disappointing. This is what social media does now. For a while it made me feel sad in my soul, but this was because I allowed it to. As it progressed these feelings of sadness grew until I made some realizations. I have let those feelings go. I do not wish to be mistaken: I have made some great connections on these platforms, but the climate has changed from when I was younger and most of these connections were made. When social media began, people were excited to simply meet people and see what they were up to. Now, people rely on heresy and group-think to decide for them. I don’t believe this type of behaviour is at all conducive to positive growth.

This is where my self-realization of how one interacts with the world began to solidify into my daily approach to life.

This will sound derivative, but it was not up to me to change how people perceive me. I had done many positive things, and even donated many hours of work and amounts of potential wealth, and still my results were the same. I learned that it was only I who could change my own perception of the environment around me.

Strength, courage, and growth comes when people make changes in their lives based on truths they find within themselves.

You can try if you want, but you can not wake other people up no matter how much you care for them, or how often you give them information. They can only wake themselves to their surroundings. You can only take care of yourself and your own energy. Sometimes you have to let go of false perceptions to exist in your reality.

Hoping for positive things to happen because of an action I had taken, or for damaged people with detrimental energies to treat me differently, was a folly and foolish approach to my life. Under that belief system my reality is false, much like that of the perception of people’s lives on social media. This system of how we are to interact was bleeding into my reality, wherein, in all truth, only I could change how I would approach those around me and the world around me.

There is no lack of abundance when it comes to the fearful, and there is no lack of bounty when it comes to the hurtful actions of the fearful. So? Remove the fearful.

As I grew further and further away from people who live in a false reality cultivated by the online social media world, the world in which everyone is expected to behave in a certain manner and accept that which is predetermined for them from an outside source and not from the truths the find within themselves through reflection and meditation, I realized that this system, this extension of the beast, was doing exactly what it was designed to do: lure prey with shapes and distortions, such as promises of wealth-and-status or experience-through-observation, to hypnotize and weaken their target before they consume them. Ask yourself, “Do I even realize when I stare into the void of my phone of social media any longer?” When you were a kid if you got an hour of television you were happy. That’s because it was quite literally rotting your brain which contains your perception of reality.

Here are some truths I have discovered.

I don’t want to post photos so my engagement grows. I’m not going to keep a schedule to some arbitrary platform which says I must if I want to grow, and then ALSO push me from that platform with limitations and censorships. I don’t want to talk to everyone who has an opinion about anything I have an opinion about. I understand that my perception of life on this plain is my own, and there is no point in discussion with those who have been conditioned to reject the experiences of others. If I’m going to share a photo with someone it’ll be something I’m proud of, and probably shot on a nice camera. If I’m going to have a discussion with someone they need to have earned my respect first.

I’ve been telling people this for a year now, but you’re better off having a handful of people you truly know and care about, than a large swathe of folks who manipulate you through their behaviour or patronage.

If someone hasn’t adopted what I do yet I’m not going to brow beat them with it. If someone hates me because I remind them inside of what they wish they could be, but aren’t because they value the perception of others more than their perception of themselves, well they can fuckin’ kiss my ass. What? I shouldn’t have used a bad word? That make ya mad? Maybe you’re in the wrong place. Maybe you don’t know who I am. As far as I’m concerned: I’ve lived enough and done enough to earn my right to behave however I want and if you don’t like it change the channel. I’m here. I exist. I don’t do it for you or anyone, but if there are good people out there who get it, I’m happy to know ‘em. If you’re reading this you’re here. That’s pretty great. Honestly. I appreciate the heck out of that. That’s exactly why I’m switching up how I approach my music: for folks like you who deserve better.

Spotify, Apple Music, all the streaming platforms? Do you own any of that? Is there a piece of me there? Or do I need to tell you, “hey go to this place so you can experience me momentarily.” I took my music down and I got a lot of emails asking where it went. Well… I decided that these places don’t own me. They don’t own a piece; they don’t influence the whole.

I have decided that if you are listener of my music, and you enjoy my music, that you should have it; even if it’s only a digital file for the time being. I want you to have my music on your computer, and I’m not going to ask you for anything to have it click here. If music is freely accessible on streaming platforms, then why would I ask you to pay me a set amount for it? How do you value something that these platforms have completely devalued? You can still find my music out there to stream if you need, but honestly just take it. I’ll put a link here to where you can get it.

In all of my downloads there will be a PDF with addresses you can send support to, be it eTransfer or Crypto, etc. I do believe that if someone out there believes in what I have to say and what I am doing then they will say, “This is worth this much to me.” I respect that.

You’re not paying 9.99 a month or 12.99 for a family plan to make sure I never get paid and all that money funnels into some artists you’ve never heard of pushing some degenerate shit agenda neither you or I agree with. You pick. Self responsibility is important.

I need not fear what someone will say about me on some platform I don’t give a rat’s ass about. I don’t care how that will affect my growth, limitation, or engagement. That’s purely up to me. I hope that people who see this will now see that they own the file, and it can’t be taken away from them. There is no middle man pushing politics we all don’t agree with taking a cut. There is no one censoring this. If they do I’ll just pop up somewhere else forever. That’s the nice part about having spent your time and resources reinvesting in yourself over the years. I do the art. I play the instruments. I mix and master. I code the websites. I create the marketing campaigns. I write the press pieces. None of that is effected by some bullshit someone said about me. All of that is just a big bag of tools I use to continue to build something beautiful for beautiful people I know.

Before I go, let me just explain one little thing about bullshit. Bullshit is nice. Bullshit is a great fertilizer. See… when the bullshit comes along and, say, someone says, “That Greg guy is (insert today’s bourgeois insult), don’t like him or you’re out of our group,” and someone believes that… well then their bullshit is doing nothing, but helping me grow. That’s what I mean when I say it’s fertilizer: it cleans your circle for you. So… thanks for the bullshit assholes. This year’s crop is looking beautiful haha…

I’ll see you folks soon. Make the best choices you can for the people who deserve your empathy. We’ll talk soon.


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