Greg Arcade is a musician from Western Canada. His blend of traditional country with rock & roll provides a versatile mix of music which is suitable for big festival stages to small intimate rooms wanting to hear the stories behind the songs. His rockabilly roots sprouted into an artist capable of getting the attention and holding it with flashy twang guitars, smart lyrics, and smarter delivery.

Greg Arcade has been recording and releasing music since 2003 with various acts, spanning several genres. From soul to ska, rock to garage, and eventually setting out under his own banner chasing big-star country dreams, Greg Arcade has been one of the most exciting artists to watch coming out of the great white north. He has had roles in movies and tv-shows as an actor, but has also been fundemental to the creation of several productions in the back-end, acting as a camera operator, editor, director, and producer.

Greg's passion for music had led him into a position where creating the art itself wasn't enough, and his vision spanned into the creation of several live music events, festivals, and supportive-companies that go the extra mile to grow his community within the region. Working closely with community based organizations allowed him to streamline and improve local events which ultimately led to further growth for not only the comminity, but the artists within the community.

Performing alongside country powerhouses like Lonestar, Dean Brody, Brett Kissel, Aaron Pritchett, and Emerson Drive to name a few, Greg Arcade is no stranger to the bright lights of the stage. Touring across Canada, into the USA, and with select nights in Europe, Greg Arcade's worldwide following often say, "Hey I'm sick of country music, but I love what you do!" Keeping the ball rolling for the fans is Greg's number 1 priority, and no matter the obstacle he has proven time and time again that he is capable of overcoming it and growing as both an artist and a person.

Greg's passion for creation knows no bounds. He doesn't just play the instruments and write the songs. He produces the albums, engineers the sound, draws the artwork, takes the photos, and markets the brand to get the music in the hands of the fans. Greg Arcade truly is the definition of someone who does it themselves, but it doesn't mean he withholds these talents either. His company Golden Oak Record Co. has a main directive to, "provide artists with all the support I wish I had when I was coming up. It is hard, and a lot of people lie to you about what they can do, so I want good folks to know we are there for them."

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